Canada's Secondary Mortgage Market

We’re a platform where leading mortgage lenders and investors can buy and sell residential mortgages. Currently piloting in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.
In Partnership With:
An official member of the Canadian Association of Private Lenders.
Canadian Lenders Association Approved Vendor.

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To qualify, you must be:

A registered lender in your jurisdiction with no infractions
Have signing authority to buy or sell mortgages on behalf of your organization
Have funds available to complete the transaction within 7 days of winning the bid
Your details will remain confidential, and the auction listings will be reviewed by CMLS/Intellifi. The mortgages are sourced from highly vetted lenders like yourself.
If you buy or sell a mortgage during this time, you will automatically be grandfathered on your account for 2 years to receive 100% off your listing fees and 50% off your subscription costs.

Canada's Secondary Mortgage Market

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